Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cut your hair and put on a damn suit!

I'm sick of protests and rallies around this town.  They don't work- never have- never will.  No matter how much you appose certain things that roll off the tongues of your local government officials, their ideas still come to life and become law.  You voted these officials into office, right?  I mean- you do vote... don't you? I was going to school down at Metro in '91 or '92 and a buddy of mine had a long break between classes just like I did.  He wanted to go down to the Capitol building.  I didn't know it was Hitler's birthday and the Neo-Nazis were speaking.  Personally, when I found out, I wanted to hear what they had to say.  I mean, they had went through the proper channels and earned their right to speak that day- AND they wore a uniform which is much better than I can say for myself and the rest of the crowd who showed up to greet them.  The speech started out okay; all about being proud of the race you were born into.  If you were black, be proud to be black and live your life, and if you were white, be proud to be white and join us.  Simple enough I thought.  The roar of hate from the audience was deafening and the Denver SWAT team certainly had their hands full.  The guy at the podium would say "White Power!" and then a hoard of tye-dyed, smelly hippies would yell "Rainbow Power!"  It went on like this for nearly an hour!  Needless to say, I was far more angered by the crowd than the speech.  Not wanting to be stuck in a screaming match with a bunch of loud, annoying idiots who's opinions I would've forgotten about by the next morning anyhow, I went back to my math class.  I learned a great deal that afternoon.  Choose Your Audience.  If you want to get something accomplished on Capitol Hill, fill out all the necessary forms to get yourself heard and when you make it to the spotlight and it comes time to shine, Wear A Suit And Cut Your Hair.  You won't get anything accomplished in the government looking like a freak.  When you've been elected, then grow your mohawk out again.

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