Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deformed: Sacrifice!! 7" / Blind Faith 7" (320kbps)

Deformed came together around 1978 in the town of Lowton in Wigan outside Manchester, UK.  It's a little hard to trace the band's lineage with some members coming in and leaving after a long time or a short time.  A couple members also had a side band called The Atomic Space Cakes and then different members of the band went on to form the band Cress after Deformed's demise.  Their passion and music will always slant far more towards the punk sound for me, however there are a lot of deathrock themes and noises coming out of both of these 7 inches.  I love both of these EP's and hope you do too- so let me know what you think!

Members 1978 - 1986

Steve Jantzen - vocals
Steve Fairhurst - vocals
Ian Whittle - bass
Dave Bloor - guitar
Pete Bloor - vocals, drums
Dave Smith - vocals
Joe Oaks - bass, vocals
Gaz Mennel - drums

 Sacrifice!! 7" Tracklisting:

1. Ritual
2. Crypt
3. From The Grave

Blind Faith 7" Tracklisting:

1. Christian Death
2. Graveside
3. Psalms

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Anonymous said...

Much thanks! do you have the Bullshit Detector tracks by Deformed by any chance?