Sunday, September 9, 2012

Every New Dead Ghost: River Of Souls (320kbps)

Every New Dead Ghost were a short-lived band from Nottingham who released both a 7" single and a 12" EP prior to releasing River Of Souls, their first full length LP in 1989 on Plastic Head Records.  Although they are now lumped in with other "Goth" bands of that time period, their music is far more rock driven and not quite so... melancholic.  Give it a listen and leave your comments!


River Of Souls Tracklisting:

1. Ascension
2. Mother Night
3. Lonely Faces
4. Hunters
5. Killing Time
6. Assassin
7. She's Waiting
8. Sacrifice
9. Bleak House
10. Burning
11. European
12. Hope Cemetery
13. Touch The Sky


Anonymous said...

thanks! awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

Had to tweet this. I ride when I can – but will have to do this all next week. More people certainly should.