Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exit-Stance & Feud: Bring Back The Witon demo / Esthetics 7" / To Load But Once 12"

Surprising that not much can be found on this Bristol band online, especially since you can download their first 7", Esthetics, from iTunes of all places, (no kidding).  Exit-Stance put out one demo and one 7" before switching their name, forcibly, to Feud to avoid being confused with a punk band with the same name.  Under the name Feud, they released only one 12" MLP before disbanding.  Their music is very bass guitar driven and the lead singer has a very distinctive gothy voice- overall very good stuff.  If anyone has anyone has any more info, let me know- until then- Enjoy!


Bring Back The Witon Demo Tracklisting:

1. The Enemy
2. Sucking Pig
3. Witchtrial

Esthetics 7" Tracklisting

1.  Esthetics
2. Conspiracy Of Silence

To Load But Once 12" Tracklisting:

1. The Litter
2. Bo Bo Dolly
3. Suffer
4. Buildings
5. Witchtrial