Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Radium Screen: Simon In The Suitcase EP / White Faces EP (320kbps)

Radium Screen

I sincerely wish I knew more about this band.  Their original website is no longer there and I've found no sort of bio online either.  In fact, I've never seen anything from The Radium Screen on any music blog- ever.  What I can say is that the band included Aaron Hodge, (from the band Mr. Panic Button, again who I've never heard of), and Brian Huffines, both of whom are guitarists from Louisville Kentucky.  There's not a single guitar played on either EP.  Instead, the music is highly synthesized and completely unique- no two tracks sound the same.  If there's a highlight, it has to be the track 'Dirty Blonde'- totally danceable glam stuff!  I cannot find a release year for their first EP, Simon In The Suitcase, but White Faces came out in 2006, so it must've been put out shortly before.  I can't even find the cover art for the EP... that being said, here's The Radium Screen- let me know what you think!

Simon In The Suitcase EP Tracklisting:

1. Disaster
2. Simon In The Suitcase
3. Maggie Mae
4. High Noon

White Faces EP Tracklisting:

1. Dirty Blonde
2. Amen
3. She Stands
4. Blood Song

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