Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Attrition: ...This Death House / Ephemera (320kbps)

Attrition has been making music now for more than 30 years and still appears to be going strong, having just released a movie soundtrack just last month.  Formed in 1980 in Coventry England, Attrition was the brainchild of Martin Bowes and Julia Niblock who met some time that year.  The band's music is quite diverse and their output has been massive.  They are known as pioneers of dark electronica alongside bands like Coil, Test Dept., Nurse With Wound, Portion Control, etc. and have influenced countless "Industrial" bands throughout the decades, (you'll notice I put the word Industrial in quotes- what a bastardized term these days- don't get me started).  ...This Death House and Ephemera are parts 1 & 2 in a series of ambient, experimental works entitled Incidental Musics.  These are truly dark soundscapes and great stuff to listen when you're depressed- you know- to help push you over the edge.  Anyhow, let me know what you think, and Enjoy!


...This Death House: Incidental Musics Volume I Tracklisting:

1. Crawling
2. Dead Of Night

Ephemera: Incidental Musics Volume II Tracklisting:

1. The Long Wait
2. A Great Desire
3. The Big Lie
4. Wetenscap (Dreams # 9)
5. Lang Zal Jij Leven

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