Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 50 WORST Rock / Pop "Artists" Of All Time!

This is my PERSONAL list of the worst rock-pop bands / "artists" of All Time.  Keep in mind that this list does not include the countless R&B / HipHop / Boy band / World music / whiny bitch Emo bands that some folks might expect to be here- there's just too many of those to list.  In my opinion, these bands are all Equally Terrible, so they are simply sorted alphabetically.  Many of the bands / persons listed here are extremely talented musicians, but their talent is wasted in the production of earbleed causing Crap.  Enjoy and leave comments!!!

1    38 Special
2    Aerosmith
3    Air Supply
4    Billy Joel
5    Bob Segar & The Silver Bullet Band
6    Bon Jovi
7    Bruce Springsteen
8    Celine Dion
9    Dave Matthews Band
1    Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
1    Foreigner
1    Four Non Blondes
1    Great White
1    Hall And Oates
1    Heart
1    Hootie & The Blowfish
1    Indigo Girls
1    Insane Clown Posse
1    Janis Joplin
2    Jefferson Starship
2    Jimmy Buffett
2    Journey
2    Kid Rock
2    Korn
2    Lady Gaga
2    Limp Bizkit
2    Lynyrd Skynyrd
2    Melissa Etheridge
2    Michael Bolton
3    Neil Young
3    Nickelback
3    Night Ranger
3    Phil Collins
3    Queensryche
3    Quiet Riot
3    REO Speedwagon
3    Slipknot
3    Smashmouth
3    Steely Dan
4    Stevie Nicks
4    The Alan Parsons Project
4    The Allman Brothers Band
4    The Black Crows
4    The Eagles
4    The Grateful Dead
4    The Smiths / Morrissey
4    Styx
4    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
4    Wham
5    Whitesnake


Baalmont said...

With the exception of The Smiths/Morrissey I totally agree.

Anyways, it is good to see you back after years of non-blogging.

I really appreciate your work here.

Cheers from Hungary.

Sheerinertia said...

Thanks, Baalmont!!!

Sheerinertia said...

You know the amazing thing is that you can pretty much still get tickets to see most of these acts live. There's constantly tickets for Styx / Foreigner / Night Ranger / REO Speedwagon / Journey, etc. floating out there... astounding that people still pay money for that stuff!

Baalmont said...

Hm. My country is the ultimate refuge and paradise of expired "superstars." They can always hope for a full house gig here. I have never thought they still have any audience in the U.S.

Sheerinertia said...

Yeah- they're still big here somehow... LOL