Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Prophetess: The Prophetess / Dichotomy

The Prophetess were a rather short lived and extremely underrated band from Long Beach California.  Taking obvious influences in bands like Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, Bauhaus, etc., the band released these two full length CDs before calling it quits.  Three of the four members went on to form The Last Dance, a band with a much larger output and a wider following.  It's curious to note that the band decided to remove all electronic sounds on the second album.  I enjoy both of these albums and I don't recall seeing them on any other blog, so tell me what you think- enjoy!


The Prophetess Tracklisting:

1. Embrace My Love
2. Destiny Never Forsake
3. Masks Of View
4. Crucifixion Of Sanctity
5. Avalon
6. Sylvia
7. Kindred Souls
8. Passing Bell
9. Masquerade With Me
10. She Defies The Day

Dichotomy Tracklisting:

1. All I Want
2. Darkness Leaves
3. Bury My Love
4. India
5. Love Forbidden
6. Melancholy Rain
7. Dream Of Eden
8. Murder
9. In The Clouds
10. Do You Remember
11. You Take Away
12. The Lover's Knot
13. This Vastness
14. Alone
15. untitled track

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