Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zero LeCrĂȘche: Live from Upstairs at Eric's, Bournemouth 08-23-84 (128kbps)

So, I gotta say, this is weird posting this again after so many years.  When I was running this blog back in 2008 I ran into a certain person who sent me this cassette recording of ZLC from 1984.  I posted it back then too, but haven't seen it online since.  The sound quality is actually pretty good, but there's quite a bit of chatter going on in the background at times- either way, it's the only live ZLC recording that I know of in existence, so- Enjoy!!!


Zero LeCrĂȘche: Live from Upstairs at Eric's, Bournemouth 08-23-84 tracklisting:

1. Sometimes
2. Women Say
3. Future King
4. Laughing At Your Pain
5. Last Year's Wife
6. On The Wire
7. Goodtimes (Sunshine)
8. Roses
9. Colder

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Every New Dead Ghost: A New World (320kbps)

Sorry it's been a while since the last post.  Here is the second full length LP from Nottingham's Every New Dead Ghost.  I posted the band's first LP before here, but I have to say this one is my favorite, (and not just because I paid a crap ton of cash for this release on CD, but because it is actually a fantastic build from ENDG's first album).  The insert says that it was recorded in Nottingham, the back cover however says that it was distributed by A.P.T. in the UK, Sephamore in Holland and Intercord in W. Germany.  Enjoy!


A New World Tracklisting:

1. Promise
2. The Game
3. T.V. Flames
4. 100 Degrees
5. Shake The Fear
6. 1992
7. No Change
8. Cages
9. The System
10. A New World
11. European
12. Hope Cemetery
13. Touch The Sky

P.S.- if anyone has a copy of the Ascension 12", then send me link!  Been looking all over for a quality rip of that one!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 50 WORST Rock / Pop "Artists" Of All Time!

This is my PERSONAL list of the worst rock-pop bands / "artists" of All Time.  Keep in mind that this list does not include the countless R&B / HipHop / Boy band / World music / whiny bitch Emo bands that some folks might expect to be here- there's just too many of those to list.  In my opinion, these bands are all Equally Terrible, so they are simply sorted alphabetically.  Many of the bands / persons listed here are extremely talented musicians, but their talent is wasted in the production of earbleed causing Crap.  Enjoy and leave comments!!!

1    38 Special
2    Aerosmith
3    Air Supply
4    Billy Joel
5    Bob Segar & The Silver Bullet Band
6    Bon Jovi
7    Bruce Springsteen
8    Celine Dion
9    Dave Matthews Band
1    Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
1    Foreigner
1    Four Non Blondes
1    Great White
1    Hall And Oates
1    Heart
1    Hootie & The Blowfish
1    Indigo Girls
1    Insane Clown Posse
1    Janis Joplin
2    Jefferson Starship
2    Jimmy Buffett
2    Journey
2    Kid Rock
2    Korn
2    Lady Gaga
2    Limp Bizkit
2    Lynyrd Skynyrd
2    Melissa Etheridge
2    Michael Bolton
3    Neil Young
3    Nickelback
3    Night Ranger
3    Phil Collins
3    Queensryche
3    Quiet Riot
3    REO Speedwagon
3    Slipknot
3    Smashmouth
3    Steely Dan
4    Stevie Nicks
4    The Alan Parsons Project
4    The Allman Brothers Band
4    The Black Crows
4    The Eagles
4    The Grateful Dead
4    The Smiths / Morrissey
4    Styx
4    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
4    Wham
5    Whitesnake

The Prophetess: The Prophetess / Dichotomy

The Prophetess were a rather short lived and extremely underrated band from Long Beach California.  Taking obvious influences in bands like Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, Bauhaus, etc., the band released these two full length CDs before calling it quits.  Three of the four members went on to form The Last Dance, a band with a much larger output and a wider following.  It's curious to note that the band decided to remove all electronic sounds on the second album.  I enjoy both of these albums and I don't recall seeing them on any other blog, so tell me what you think- enjoy!


The Prophetess Tracklisting:

1. Embrace My Love
2. Destiny Never Forsake
3. Masks Of View
4. Crucifixion Of Sanctity
5. Avalon
6. Sylvia
7. Kindred Souls
8. Passing Bell
9. Masquerade With Me
10. She Defies The Day

Dichotomy Tracklisting:

1. All I Want
2. Darkness Leaves
3. Bury My Love
4. India
5. Love Forbidden
6. Melancholy Rain
7. Dream Of Eden
8. Murder
9. In The Clouds
10. Do You Remember
11. You Take Away
12. The Lover's Knot
13. This Vastness
14. Alone
15. untitled track

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Attrition: ...This Death House / Ephemera (320kbps)

Attrition has been making music now for more than 30 years and still appears to be going strong, having just released a movie soundtrack just last month.  Formed in 1980 in Coventry England, Attrition was the brainchild of Martin Bowes and Julia Niblock who met some time that year.  The band's music is quite diverse and their output has been massive.  They are known as pioneers of dark electronica alongside bands like Coil, Test Dept., Nurse With Wound, Portion Control, etc. and have influenced countless "Industrial" bands throughout the decades, (you'll notice I put the word Industrial in quotes- what a bastardized term these days- don't get me started).  ...This Death House and Ephemera are parts 1 & 2 in a series of ambient, experimental works entitled Incidental Musics.  These are truly dark soundscapes and great stuff to listen when you're depressed- you know- to help push you over the edge.  Anyhow, let me know what you think, and Enjoy!


...This Death House: Incidental Musics Volume I Tracklisting:

1. Crawling
2. Dead Of Night

Ephemera: Incidental Musics Volume II Tracklisting:

1. The Long Wait
2. A Great Desire
3. The Big Lie
4. Wetenscap (Dreams # 9)
5. Lang Zal Jij Leven

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Billy And The Boingers: Billy And The Boingers Bootleg 7" flexi

Straight from the pages of my favorite comic strip, Bloom County, comes this little single.  If you've never heard of Bloom County, then perhaps I haven't chose my audience well enough for this blog.  The Billy And The Boingers 7" flexi came inside the comic book with the same name and contained 2 songs that were supposed to have been written by this fictional band formed by the strip's characters.  Actually, the songs were performed by Mucky Pup and the Harry Pitts Band but there's no reference to them on the actual record.  For the complete story, check out the wiki page here:


...or perhaps read through all of Berke Breathed's comic books which I finally got through again over the last couple months.  Enjoy & leave comments!


Billy And The Boingers Bootleg Tracklisting:

1. I'm A Boinger
2. U-Stink-But-I--U

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something In The Water?

It seems as though our water here in the Denver area has become contaminated with crazy juice.  We've had quite a few murders around here recently, and they're all pretty grisly:

-17 year old suspect Austin Reed Sigg confessed to his mother the he kidnapped and dismembered 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway.

-Ari Liggett is suspected of dismembering his 56 year old mother.  Her remains were in the back seat of his car when police chased him down.

-Lynell Hill, his brother Joseph Hill and Dexter Lewis are suspects each charged with 5 counts of 1st degree murder, 5 counts of felony murder, 5 counts of robbery and 1 count of arson.  Police say that Young Fero, Daria Pohl, Kellene Fallon, Ross Richter and Tereasa Beesley were burned to death in a robbery cover up at Fero's Bar & Grill.

-James Holmes is the suspect charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58 others by gunshot at a midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Night Rises.

-Dion Rankin is a suspect charged with shooting and killing 18 year old Da Von Flores and wounding another, unnamed 17 year old outside a house party in Littleton.

Could it be something in the water?  As it turns out Niagara Water in California has made a deal to bottle and sell water from Aurora recently, (apparently it's good, but I can't fathom going anywhere near Aurora so I wouldn't know).  When these types of crimes happen, people always turn to each other and ask, "What kind of person could ever do such a thing?"  You really want to know who does these things?


That's who does things like this.  For all the advances we make as a species, there are still people out there who will perform the lowest, most despicable acts possible... and you share the same ancestors in the magical human race.  They're your human family members, every one.