Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Witness: 12 inches (320kbps)

A Witness formed in 1982 in Stockport outside of Manchester in the U.K., (sort of difficult to keep track of how many incredible Post-Punk bands came out of this area).  The band's first 12", Loudhailer Songs, went almost immediately on to the NME charts.  The first three 12 inches as well as their full length LP entitled I Am Johns Pancreas, were released on Ron Johnson Records, the same label that A Witness drummer Alan Brown was signed to for his band The Great Leap Forward.  Driven by strong lyrics from bassist Vince Hunt and vocally by the uniquely talented Keith Curtis,  A Witness had an impressive output between 1985 and 1989 which included two full length LPs, two Peel Session recordings as well as the four 12 inches listed here.  Tragically, in October of 1989, the band's guitarist, Rick Aitken died while climbing in the Scottish Highlands, forcing the band to cancel a rather high profile tour supporting The Wedding Present (from Leeds)- the band was no more.  Had Aitken's death not happened or the band found a new guitarist, it's likely they would have had a bright future.  Leave comments and Enjoy!

Louhailer Songs 12" Tracklisting:

1. Lucky In London
2. Kitchen Sink Drama
3. Regular Round
4. Camera
5. Drill One

Red Snake 12" Tracklisting:

1. Red Snake
2. Hard Day's Love
3. Regular Round

One Foot In The Groove 12" Tracklisting:

1. Raw Patch
2. Faglane Morris Wind
3. Zip Up
4. Nodding Dog Moustache

I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors 12" Tracklisting:

1. I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors
2. Tomorrow Never Knows
3. Razors Lifestyle Mix

Friday, September 28, 2012

Policed: Us vs Them.

EVERYWHERE you go in this city, you're being watched by Big Brother-  on every highway, in every intersection, in every store or gas station parking lot.  I sometimes wonder if people are watching me type this right now- certainly people are tracking what I type right now.  This is a terrifying time to be alive.  I know that every generation worries about the next, but I am truly and genuinely frightened for my children.  One look at worldwide incarceration rates will make any parent tremble:

List of countries in order of incarceration rate

We literally top the charts!  We have over 4 times as many people incarcerated here in the US than in all of China- and they have 6 times the population!  Police have tried for decades here in America to get the public to see them as heroes, and yet only a few percent of them truly are.  I can't watch TV or listen to the radio for more than a few hours without hearing an ad that describes how easy it is to "join the exciting and fast-paced world of Criminal Justice!"  Generally, policemen and women are seen by the public at large as distrustful, cynical, paranoid, overbearing, prejudiced robots that have lost faith in their fellow man because of their profession.  They often become introverts and their family and friends suffer for it at times, (the most successful police often have dysfunctional home lives and there is a 75% divorce rate with couples if one of them is a cop).  They cut ties with old friends upon becoming an officer of the law and begin to associate only with other police in the field.  We're supposed to trust in them because they are trained to see situations more clearly than those involved and see through lies- to be able to see people in the raw.  From a civilian point of view, this often fosters the 'Us vs. Them' mentality.  Why would ANYONE choose this profession???  Imagine how many friends you would lose just by getting dressed for work each morning.  I personally think I would feel petty and like less of a person.  I mean, when the President Of The United States is in trouble, who does he call on?  Well I can tell you it's not 911- he calls the military of course.  I would fell like I was in charge of a very small anthill.  I would have to counteract that by becoming a distrustful, cynical, paranoid, overbearing, prejudiced robot I guess.  Police scare us.  They drive around all day, waiting for something to happen with hyper-vigilance and when nothing is happening, they tailgate us, seemingly for the fun of it.  It's terrifying having a cop behind you, isn't it?  It seems that the police these days are armed to the teeth with weapons and technology, (that we pay for, I might add).  I wonder what would happen if the police department were more like the fire department?  They don't drive around in their trucks looking for fires to be put out, do they?  Just have the police show up if I get in a wreck or if I commit a crime, have them show up and lock me in jail for a while.  What would happen if they didn't 'police' us constantly?  Their public image would increase to that of the fire departments, that's what would happen!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

David Ivy Of Idiot Stare & SPF1000: Blinded / Witch Hunt (320kbps)

Now for something new- (keep in mind that I consider anything post-1995 to be 'new')- David Ivy is a multi-instrumentalist from the LA area.  His father played drums for a band called Devils Disciples, a deathmetal band from Las Vegas and his mother played piano.  He was a member of the band Idiot Stare and played on their first album Blinded, released in 1995.  Fans of bands like Ministry, The Electric Hellfire Club and KMFDM will surely like both of these releases, but Witch Hunt is clearly the hands down favorite having a darker, less metal, type of sound.  David had been touring the LA circuit for quite some time before his album Witch Hunt was released in 2003- it was long awaited by those in the know- and well worth it!  An article on had this to say about the album:

"Witch Hunt opens with a sweeping, soaring, Carl Orff-like score that soon dives into an electro-death roar that strikes like an abrupt kick to the head by a combat boot-wielding spider. David Ivy's brainchild, SPF 1000, debuts with a concept album that expresses the caustic rage of those who might feel ostracized because of their quirky personality and manner of dress. The bruising "Horror Show" is a laundry list of disenfranchised interests, while "Agenda" offers a lashing at the mainstream from our jeering tattooed and pierced brethren. A multi-layered offering with nice power-chord guitar hooks and oozing synths."

Combat boot-wielding spiders folks, what more could you ask?  As a bonus I'm including the song "Darkness" by SPF1000- a demo track that was used in The Grimm Adventures Of Billy & Mandy... if you can't dance to SPF 1000, then you can't dance, and if you don't know who Billy & Mandy are, then you might as well walk off the planet altogether- Enjoy!

IS - SPF1000

Blinded Tracklisting:

1. To The Head
2. Mad Drunk
3. Cash Out
4. Oranges
5. Black Heart
6. Now Hear This
7. Blinded
8. Everything
9. False Death
10. Copper Eyed Martyr
11. The Power
12. Fade

Witch Hunt Tracklisting:

1. Into The Darkness
2. Horror Show
3. Agenda
4. Death For The Dead
5. Haunted House
6. Descention
7. Witch Hunt
8. Perfect Victim
9. Pass Out
10. Nocturnal Emissions
11. Angel
12. The Wicked
13. The Accused
14. Darkness (bonus track)
Long Live Billy And Mandy!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exit-Stance & Feud: Bring Back The Witon demo / Esthetics 7" / To Load But Once 12"

Surprising that not much can be found on this Bristol band online, especially since you can download their first 7", Esthetics, from iTunes of all places, (no kidding).  Exit-Stance put out one demo and one 7" before switching their name, forcibly, to Feud to avoid being confused with a punk band with the same name.  Under the name Feud, they released only one 12" MLP before disbanding.  Their music is very bass guitar driven and the lead singer has a very distinctive gothy voice- overall very good stuff.  If anyone has anyone has any more info, let me know- until then- Enjoy!


Bring Back The Witon Demo Tracklisting:

1. The Enemy
2. Sucking Pig
3. Witchtrial

Esthetics 7" Tracklisting

1.  Esthetics
2. Conspiracy Of Silence

To Load But Once 12" Tracklisting:

1. The Litter
2. Bo Bo Dolly
3. Suffer
4. Buildings
5. Witchtrial


So the new iPenis 5 came out and everyone just HAS to have one.  It's just SO much better than the iPenis 4S. I call them iPenis' because that's what they are- that's how people hold and fondle them anyway.  "Check out this cool new app on my iPenis!" they say and "Watch what happens when I jerk it this way!  Oh Oh Oh! Watch what happens when I flick the foreskin!"  Which, as always, is followed by the inevitable, "So, what kind of phone do you have?"  You should see the look on peoples' faces when I whip out my flip phone.  They ask how a person who works in the IT industry doesn't own a smartphone.  You want to know what I use my phone for?  A PHONE.  I don't want to be one of those people who stand around fascinated by their iPenis, holding it lovingly in their hands, playing with it- just like their penis in a public place.  Frankly, I find it obscene.  The following is a clip of people who think they looking at the newest iPhone 5, when in reality, it's the same old iPhone 4...

Yuppies are the biggest idiots on the planet- so eager to piss their cash away on the newest fads.  How pathetic.  You stupid, stupid douche-tools.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

U2: The First Five Singles (320kbps)

Here's the first five singles from a very unknown band from Dublin named U2.  These five singles along with their first full-length LP Boy, represent one hell of a debut output!  Some of my all time favorite tracks stem from these early recordings.  The band was doing all kinds of shows in and around Dublin and it was during this time they got signed to Island Records.  I think they play stadiums now or something... anyway- leave comments and Enjoy!

Three 7" Tracklisting:

1. Out Of Control
2. Stories For Boys
3. Boy/Girl

I Will Follow 7" Tracklisting:

1. I Will Follow
2. Boy/Girl (Live From The Marquee, London, September 20, 1980)

11 O'Clock Tick Tock 7" Tracklisting:

1. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
2. Touch

Another Day 7" Tracklisting:

1. Another Day
2. Twilight

A Day Without Me 7" Tracklisting:

1. A Day Without Me
2. Things To Make And Do

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nightmares In Wax: Birth Of A Nation 7" (320kbps)

I know this has probably been posted on other blogs, but it's an okay quality rip and one of my favs.  Nightmares In Wax was started in Liverpool in the late 70's with post-punk icon Pete Burns, pre Dead Or Alive.  The band also featured Martin Healy, Phil Hurst, Mick Reid and Pete Lloyd, with Martin Healy going on to play in DOA for a few years on keyboards.  Pete Burns has always been a very boisterous personality, but this early work captures him at his best- raw throaty voice spouting blatently homsexual lyrics and music that's filled with early deathrock overtones.  A few other versions of this EP have been released under different titles, but the three songs are the same as this original.  Timeless funny stuff- give a listen and, as always, leave comments!

Birth Of A Nation 7" Tracklisting

1. Black Leather
2. Shangri-La
3. Girl Song

What the hell happened???

What the hell happened to men's fashion in the last 30 years?  Cargo shorts, polo shirts, sandals and baseball hats.  They all dress like this- you know who that is? It's Leonardo Di-fricking-Caprio, that's who.  One of the best looking guys ever dressed like any other grocery grabbing frat boy.  If I were a girl, I wouldn't go anywhere near a guy dressed like that.  In fact, I think all women should completely ignore the advances of any guy until they show some modicum of fashion sense.  Guys, real male humans, actually go out to nightclubs wearing Izod shirts.  When the hell did Izod's become fashionable?  They didn't get anyone laid in the 80's and they're not going to get anyone laid these days.  Ladies- Stop Dating Tools!!!  Only after these douches stop getting laid because of their lack of fashion will we start to see a change.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deformed: Sacrifice!! 7" / Blind Faith 7" (320kbps)

Deformed came together around 1978 in the town of Lowton in Wigan outside Manchester, UK.  It's a little hard to trace the band's lineage with some members coming in and leaving after a long time or a short time.  A couple members also had a side band called The Atomic Space Cakes and then different members of the band went on to form the band Cress after Deformed's demise.  Their passion and music will always slant far more towards the punk sound for me, however there are a lot of deathrock themes and noises coming out of both of these 7 inches.  I love both of these EP's and hope you do too- so let me know what you think!

Members 1978 - 1986

Steve Jantzen - vocals
Steve Fairhurst - vocals
Ian Whittle - bass
Dave Bloor - guitar
Pete Bloor - vocals, drums
Dave Smith - vocals
Joe Oaks - bass, vocals
Gaz Mennel - drums

 Sacrifice!! 7" Tracklisting:

1. Ritual
2. Crypt
3. From The Grave

Blind Faith 7" Tracklisting:

1. Christian Death
2. Graveside
3. Psalms

Have you been sterilized today?

Here's a message to people who have large families. You're overpopulating our planet- please stop having kids now. It's called population control. No one on the planet should be allowed to have more than 2 children- ever. That way, over time, 2 children are born and 2 parents die. After that, it's vasectomy time- I had a vasectomy after my 2 boys were born, (and had I known how easy the procedure was going to be, I'd have had it done when I was 16!) I will support any government plan to limit population growth anywhere on the planet. I will also support any agency that offers free sterilizations, abortions and birth control. The statistics listed on the webpage below, frankly scares the sh*t out of me. I would like to extend a very sincere, very warming Thank You to all childrenless people on the planet. May you live long and be sterile.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Radium Screen: Simon In The Suitcase EP / White Faces EP (320kbps)

Radium Screen

I sincerely wish I knew more about this band.  Their original website is no longer there and I've found no sort of bio online either.  In fact, I've never seen anything from The Radium Screen on any music blog- ever.  What I can say is that the band included Aaron Hodge, (from the band Mr. Panic Button, again who I've never heard of), and Brian Huffines, both of whom are guitarists from Louisville Kentucky.  There's not a single guitar played on either EP.  Instead, the music is highly synthesized and completely unique- no two tracks sound the same.  If there's a highlight, it has to be the track 'Dirty Blonde'- totally danceable glam stuff!  I cannot find a release year for their first EP, Simon In The Suitcase, but White Faces came out in 2006, so it must've been put out shortly before.  I can't even find the cover art for the EP... that being said, here's The Radium Screen- let me know what you think!

Simon In The Suitcase EP Tracklisting:

1. Disaster
2. Simon In The Suitcase
3. Maggie Mae
4. High Noon

White Faces EP Tracklisting:

1. Dirty Blonde
2. Amen
3. She Stands
4. Blood Song

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cut your hair and put on a damn suit!

I'm sick of protests and rallies around this town.  They don't work- never have- never will.  No matter how much you appose certain things that roll off the tongues of your local government officials, their ideas still come to life and become law.  You voted these officials into office, right?  I mean- you do vote... don't you? I was going to school down at Metro in '91 or '92 and a buddy of mine had a long break between classes just like I did.  He wanted to go down to the Capitol building.  I didn't know it was Hitler's birthday and the Neo-Nazis were speaking.  Personally, when I found out, I wanted to hear what they had to say.  I mean, they had went through the proper channels and earned their right to speak that day- AND they wore a uniform which is much better than I can say for myself and the rest of the crowd who showed up to greet them.  The speech started out okay; all about being proud of the race you were born into.  If you were black, be proud to be black and live your life, and if you were white, be proud to be white and join us.  Simple enough I thought.  The roar of hate from the audience was deafening and the Denver SWAT team certainly had their hands full.  The guy at the podium would say "White Power!" and then a hoard of tye-dyed, smelly hippies would yell "Rainbow Power!"  It went on like this for nearly an hour!  Needless to say, I was far more angered by the crowd than the speech.  Not wanting to be stuck in a screaming match with a bunch of loud, annoying idiots who's opinions I would've forgotten about by the next morning anyhow, I went back to my math class.  I learned a great deal that afternoon.  Choose Your Audience.  If you want to get something accomplished on Capitol Hill, fill out all the necessary forms to get yourself heard and when you make it to the spotlight and it comes time to shine, Wear A Suit And Cut Your Hair.  You won't get anything accomplished in the government looking like a freak.  When you've been elected, then grow your mohawk out again.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Every New Dead Ghost: River Of Souls (320kbps)

Every New Dead Ghost were a short-lived band from Nottingham who released both a 7" single and a 12" EP prior to releasing River Of Souls, their first full length LP in 1989 on Plastic Head Records.  Although they are now lumped in with other "Goth" bands of that time period, their music is far more rock driven and not quite so... melancholic.  Give it a listen and leave your comments!


River Of Souls Tracklisting:

1. Ascension
2. Mother Night
3. Lonely Faces
4. Hunters
5. Killing Time
6. Assassin
7. She's Waiting
8. Sacrifice
9. Bleak House
10. Burning
11. European
12. Hope Cemetery
13. Touch The Sky

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"New Denver"

City and county officials were eager, and very curious, to attend a press conference today by Colorado Representative A. Anderson, who announced a daring new construction plan that would change the face of the entire Denver-Metro area.  Tentatively dubbed “Wall-Rex,” Anderson’s $1.8 billion community cleanup action plan would employ some 6,000 people for more than 2 years in the construction of five immense walls around key cities in the Denver-Metro Area.  Anderson stated that “The areas picked for physical segregation were chosen to separate the normal, hard-working people of our great combined cities from those areas around town that, let’s face it, are populated by overbreeding idiots and rap music fans who drain our great state and are pulling us all down both culturally and fiscally.”  This map gives a rough idea of where the walls will be erected as well as those communities scheduled for attritional eradication.  “This was a targeted and well thought out plan to enclose the worst parts of town without blocking any major highways.  With the exception highway 36 of course… kinda tired of the new age hippies from the Peoples’ Republic Of Boulder cruising their Subaru’s around here,” stated head Wall-Rex project leader V. Mancini.  The walls are each going to be 100 feet high and 100 feet thick with heavily armed guard outposts every couple hundred yards; very similar to China’s Great Wall and just as imposing.  The Wall-Rex project is scheduled to begin in March of next year and has a Fall 2015 estimated completion date.  As shown in the project map, people in the cities of Glendale, Sheridan, Commerce City, Brighton, and vast areas of Aurora will be walled off for as long as it takes for those people to starve and/or kill each other off.  After that, the Wall-Rex team will set to work dismantling these walls and free up these areas for open space, parks and wildlife preserves.  Anderson was also quoted as saying that “… crime rates will fall to an all-time low, freeing up the S.W.A.T. team to man the wall outposts.  We’ll finally be able to flourish culturally and prosper once again as a new united Denver.”  After its long-time bleeding limbs have been amputated, the Wall-Rex team will also be given the extreme honor of re-christening the city ‘New Denver.’   Visit to keep up to date on this exciting project and sign up for free text and email alerts as well as for near future employment postings.