Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something In The Water?

It seems as though our water here in the Denver area has become contaminated with crazy juice.  We've had quite a few murders around here recently, and they're all pretty grisly:

-17 year old suspect Austin Reed Sigg confessed to his mother the he kidnapped and dismembered 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway.

-Ari Liggett is suspected of dismembering his 56 year old mother.  Her remains were in the back seat of his car when police chased him down.

-Lynell Hill, his brother Joseph Hill and Dexter Lewis are suspects each charged with 5 counts of 1st degree murder, 5 counts of felony murder, 5 counts of robbery and 1 count of arson.  Police say that Young Fero, Daria Pohl, Kellene Fallon, Ross Richter and Tereasa Beesley were burned to death in a robbery cover up at Fero's Bar & Grill.

-James Holmes is the suspect charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58 others by gunshot at a midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Night Rises.

-Dion Rankin is a suspect charged with shooting and killing 18 year old Da Von Flores and wounding another, unnamed 17 year old outside a house party in Littleton.

Could it be something in the water?  As it turns out Niagara Water in California has made a deal to bottle and sell water from Aurora recently, (apparently it's good, but I can't fathom going anywhere near Aurora so I wouldn't know).  When these types of crimes happen, people always turn to each other and ask, "What kind of person could ever do such a thing?"  You really want to know who does these things?


That's who does things like this.  For all the advances we make as a species, there are still people out there who will perform the lowest, most despicable acts possible... and you share the same ancestors in the magical human race.  They're your human family members, every one.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Usherhouse: Molting / Flux (320kbps)

Usherhouse formed in Chicago in 1993.  There's a few things written out there on the web about how they sounded "like Bauhaus but with a harder guitar riffs."  That's just not correct at all.  This is a straight blend of music that can that can truly be classified as 'Goth-Rock.'  The band's manager Jerry Thompson worked closely with the band and put out these two albums originally on Caroline Records, but the two CD's I have were released on the Cleopatra label.  I don't know if there's any demos or live show recordings floating out there, but I'd like to hear them!  As it stands, all I can find are these two releases.  Great tribal-style drumming and unusual guitar noises are mixed seamlessly to create some very danceable music.  The lineup seams to have pared down from 5 members on the Molting album to only 3 on Flux; there were two people on the first record that both sang and played guitar, and the keyboardist does not appear on the second record at all.  If anyone has more info on the band, let me know- until then, leave comments and enjoy Usherhouse!!!


Molting Tracklisting:

1. Body Politic
2. Surrender Down
3. Avalanche
4. Mind Enemy Mind
5. The Line
6. Caeser's Falling
7. Permanent Red
8. Second Skin
9. Real Horror Show
10. Final Man
11. Monkey Strange

Flux Tracklisting:

1. Flux I
2. Motherland
3. Catalyst
4. Glory
5. Legacy
6. November Dream
7. The Line
8. Deceit
9. Flux II

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Abecedarians: Smiling Monarchs 12" / Eureka / Resin (320kbps)

Hailing from Newport Beach, CA, Abecedarians formed in 1983 by Chris Manecke, Kevin Dolan and John Blake.  The trio's first release, Smiling Monarchs, was released on Factory Records and was produced by none other than Bernard Sumner from Joy Division and New Order and is instantly likable.  The band then put out Eureka, a self produced, 6 track MLP which was eventually picked up and redistributed by Caroline Records in 1986-7.  The Resin LP followed in 1988.  Their sound has been compared to that of Chameleons UK, but I find them far more sprawling and ambient than that; more like Joy Division or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- but still unique.  They rank right up there as one of the most underrated acts of all time in my opinion.  A lot has been posted on the web about the band in the last few years and their are a number unofficial CD-R releases floating out there, but the fact still stands that Abecedarians' music is damn hard to find- and if you can find it, it commands outrageous prices, (first pressings in good condition are worth several hundred dollars- check this out: Eureka on Ebay ).  I have several other releases by the band if anyone's interested, but what I'm really looking for are the Tragic Symphony tracks that Chris Manecke recorded with Adam Elesh from Drowning Pool... until then, leave some comments and enjoy Abecedarians!

Smiling Monarchs 12" Tracklisting:

1. Smiling Monarchs
2. Benway's Carnival

Eureka Tracklisting:

1. Ghosts
2. Soil
3. The Other Side Of The Fence
4. I Glide
5. Mice & Coconut Tree
6. The Misery Of Cities

Resin Tracklisting:

1. Dinner
2. Spaghetti Western
3. Where Whitie Ain't Allowed
4. Wild Flowers Grow From The Trash
5. No Escape
6. Laugh At Yourself
7. Sufferin' Tarnation
8. Panic In Needle Park

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lunatic Fringe Who's In Control-(E.P.) 7" and 'Cringe With The Fringe' E.P 7" (320kbps)

Time for some straight up, classic punk from one of Bristol's finest groups, Lunatic Fringe!  The band was formed in 1979 and got their name in the school assembly comments of a school teacher.  Before their first gig, their lead singer Birdshit got into a fight and was unable to sing.  The band went on anyways and called for members of the audience to try their hand at helping them sing cover tunes.  This is how they found lead singer Bear Hackenbush.  The band spent a lot of time playing local shows and had gained a sizable following by 1982 when they released their first 7", the Who's In Control (E.P.).  The band put out a few self-released cassettes over the next three years and then the Cringe With The Fringe 7" in 1985 on Children Of The Revolution records.  The band then began to separate.  Plans were in place for future recordings and the band introduced and new drummer and bassist, but nothing else was formally released.  Enjoy this classic punk- and remember:  Pay No More Than 1.00 for this record!!!


Who's In Control-(E.P.) 7" Tracklisting:

1. Who's In Control
2. Mail Order Rebels
3. Omnibus (Bristol Buses)

'Cringe With The Fringe' E.P 7" Tracklisting:

1. Curse Of The Bogpeople
2. Who's War
3. Conformity (Face The Truth)
4. Flesh And Blood